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Heavy root intrusion and soil movement can cause small cracks in residential and commercial sewer lines. Once the roots penetrate these small cracks they continue to grow and exert considerable pressure at the crack or joint. Increased pressure causes the line to crack and collapse. A damaged sewer line left unchecked can not only contaminate an entire property, but can leech affluence and chemicals into the ground water, creek, river, storm drains and eventually the ocean. The key to preventing sewer line failure and back up is early detection. If you are having frequent clogs, it is a sign that
your sewer line should be checked with a camera. This year do your part for the environment and help avoid a costly sewer line failure. Have your sewer line checked by a licensed professional.

If it is determined that a section or entire line needs to be replaced then Trenchless method is a great way to go. This technology has kept cost affordable for businesses and homeowners looking to preserve the landscape. Large trees can be saved, which adds value to your property and are good for the environment.

Excavating a trench or using an open cut method often times means cutting thru the trees root system that can damage or kill the tree. Not to mention the damage to driveways, lawns, sidewalks and streets.

We strive for new technologies to lesson the impact of construction on our environment.

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