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We start with a sewer video inspection of the sewer line. A visual inspection is the best way to determine what is going on in the sewer line. We can locate root intrusions, offsets in the pipe, bellies in the pipe where it is holding water. It allows us to see what material your sewer line is made of and if it needs repair or replacement. The camera can also locate the path in which your sewer line runs thru your yard and pin point the exact location of the problem.

(Pipe Bursting)

Replacing a sewer line is a difficult and labor intensive process. We have completed 100's of sewer lines over the past years and always do our best to maintain the condition of your property and complete the process in a timely manner. Once we've located exactly where the problem is, we start by digging two 3X3 holes at both the starting point and ending points. Usually the first pit will be near the outside foundation of the home or building. The second pit will be located at the front property line or at the main line located in the street, if necessary.

The next step is fusing the High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe to the length needed for your project. A major advantage of using HDPE pipe there are no joints or couplings, which is important since roots typically find their way in at these connections. Next, we attach a splitting head to the new HDPE pipe, using hydraulics to pull through the old pipe. The splitting head passes through old pipe breaking it apart, pulling through the new full size pipe or larger pipe in its place.
We then make all necessary connections and install cleanouts where needed. A sewer cleanout allows for easy access in case something ever blocks the line again. We then backfill and compact excavated pits and replace any street or sidewalk openings made. Finally, we clean up any left over mess leaving everything as it was when we arrived on the job, often leaving driveways, walkways and lawns undisturbed. By using the trenchless method, we are able to achieve superior sewer replacement results without the added cost and intrusion of trenching. This no hassle, cost effective means of pipe replacement will leave both our landscape yard and wallet intact. Trenchless technology does not work on all projects. If the existing pipe was not installed with the proper percent of grade then an open cut method may need to be used.

JOINT TRENCH (Directional Drilling)
Using underground directional drilling method, we are able to install gas, water, and electric service lines and, in some cases, we can install drain lines where acceptable. This saves time and money leaving your yard and driveway in place. The process is fairly similar to the trenchless sewer replacement. We excavate two minor pits at point A and B, then, using a directional boring machine we are able to bore under driveways, lawns, buildings and roads. We then hook our drill stem onto the new product pipe and pull it in leaving the above surface untouched. In some instances, directional drilling may not be an option. In that case we would use an open cut trenching method to install your new service line.

SEPTIC CROSSOVER (City Sewer Connections)
If that old septic tank in your yard is giving you problems, maybe it is time to connect to the city sewer? We can abandon your septic system, install a new sewer line form your home or business and connect to the city or county sewer system. We have done several of these crossovers and know what it takes to get the job done in a timely professional manner.


We have years of experience working with City and County building and Public Works Departments. We will pull necessary permits schedule inspections for your project. We submit detailed drawings and traffic control plans, if necessary.

A sewer clean out allows for easy access for maintenance or to clear the line in case of blockage. We can also install a back water valve. This will eliminate the possibility of sewage backing up in to your home or business when there is a main line blockage in the upper or lower lateral pipe line.

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Our jetting equipment sets up in minutes and rides your sewer or storm of blockages more quickly than any other method available. Turbulent action of water pumped through specially designed nozzles at pressures up to 2,500 psi literally scours your sewer clean. Obstructions and debris are removed without any damage to pipe inner walls.

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